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Helen Emily Davy (b. 1996)

I am a graduate of the Fine Art Painting programme at the Glasgow School of Art, and am soon to be embarking upon a Masters in Art and Science at the Universität für angewandte Kunst, Vienna. I am interested in the advance of medical representational technology and the questions it poses to subjective experience of the body. As the body is able to be seen and therefore known in ever greater detail, what impact does that have on how we think and feel about our own body? Do we identify with these representations as if they were part of us or do they distance us from subjectivity, appearing as a separate entity created and understood by specialists but not ourselves?

My work often uses source imagery from the canon of

anatomical textbooks, atlases, and other objects and images from

the medical archive. I seek to draw upon common tropes and

conventional wisdoms, visual and theoretical, of the medical

world in order to examine how the body is seen and understood

as well as power dynamics that surround it. By using these visual

references, I raise wider questions surrounding ideas of

knowledge and perspective and subjectivity.

Glasgow / Manchester

Selected Exhibitions


February 2020, Posthuman, Anatolia Schnitzel, Vienna (upcoming)

May 2019, Creative Reactions (as part of Pint of Science festival), The Unexpected Artist at the St Enoch Centre, Glasgow

November 2018, Playzone, the Corn Exchange, Edinburgh

June 2018, The Glasgow School of Art Degree Show, Glasgow

April 2017, Series 3, the Glue Factory, Glasgow

December 2016, Intersections, the Old Hairdressers, Glasgow

June 2016, 25% Extra, Lauriestion Arches, Glasgow 

June 2016, Girls On Top, the Old Hairdressers, Glasgow 

May 2016, Let’s Limbo, SWG3, Glasgow

May 2016, PAT TESTED, the Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow

May 2015, Summer Show, City and Guilds of London Art School